How Aware Is Kylie Jenner Of The Political Statement Her Sweatshirts Are Making?

Kylie's been into these "We're here to help" sweatshirts lately.

In her meteoric rise to ubiquity, Kylie Jenner has made plenty of headlines for the things she wears. Usually, the statement she makes with her clothes and the conversation that inevitably follows is purely aesthetic. That is, until now. Thanks to Kylie's latest outfit of choice, we get to talk about what *might* be her stance on police brutality.

In a series of snaps she posted Monday night (Jan. 4), Kylie wore a sweatshirt from Los Angeles' 424 on Fairfax straight out of the brand's most recent in-house collection "Post Apocalyptic Gardening," a range of luxury streetwear items charged with 424 designer/owner Guillermo Andrade's commentary on police brutality. The hoodie that Kylie wears on Snapchat features the words "We're here to help" in all caps underneath a photo of police officers dressed in riot gear.

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Kylie's actually worn a piece from this same 424 collection before -- another sweatshirt that read "We're here to help," this time with a crewneck and in a taupe colorway. She liked this outfit so much, she posted the full details on her website/app saying, "What else do you wear for a yogurt run?!"

Well, "a political statement" isn't the first answer that comes to my mind, but I'm down for it. What I'm not necessarily down for, though, is describing this -- IMHO -- very clear political statement as something as reductive as a "vibe," but maybe I'm mincing words. (Also, maybe Kylie didn't write them? IDK the inner workings of her empire.)

Unfortunately, Kylie has not explicitly made any public statements about her stance on police brutality (yet), so all we have available to us are her (meticulously groomed and mom-agered) public persona and social media accounts. Diving into those to unpack her view would be speculative and wouldn't lead us anywhere conclusive. Plus, the message these clothes are sending is obvious enough that I'd like to believe we can give someone -- not to mention someone whose boyfriend walked in the Millions March in LA and whose brother-in-law has been a vocal supporter of #BlackLivesMatter -- the benefit of the doubt here. Still, that's my gut feeling, not a confirmed fact.

What we all definitely can do is agree that whether she's deliberately making a statement or not, it's definitely a good thing for someone with as much influence as Kylie to shed light on an important issue such as this and to create an opportunity for education and discussion. But if the youngest Jenner decides she does want to speak out on matter, I, for one, am all ears.

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