'All That' Creator Shares Where The Big Ear Of Corn Ended Up 17 Years Later

Dan Schneider reveals the truth at last

On Saturday (July 23) at San Diego Comic-Con, several OG All That cast members reunited for one nostalgic panel. Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, Lori Beth Denberg, and Kel Mitchell were joined by none other than the Big Ear of Corn to chat about all things All That. Yes, we're talking the real Big Ear of Corn from the '90s show was in the house, not some subpar replica. People wanted the real thing, and by God, that was what they got.

Dan Schneider, the creator of All That (and the rest of your childhood), shared an interview he gave on his website about the Big Ear of Corn's fate after the show ended, which contrasts with what Denberg said happened to him during New York Comic-Con. "The Big Ear of Corn, fame got too much for him," Denberg joked to MTV News. "He's very reclusive. He's living a quiet life and we'd like to respect that."

What really happened, however, was Schneider rescued the Big Ear of Corn from being thrown away after the show finished and placed him in a storage facility. But when the Big Ear of Corn was requested for the Comic-Con panel, Schneider warned the iconic corn would, uh, "need a little work." Turns out, sitting in a storage unit for almost two decades during hot summers and cold winters really does things to a prop.

Luckily, the Big Ear of Corn didn't need a ton of repairs to get him ready for SDCC, but there was a restoration process for him. (LOL.) There was talk about just using a new Big Ear of Corn for the panel, but thankfully that was vetoed. "I felt like, if they were going to bring out the Big Ear of Corn to show to the fans at Comic-Con and other places, it had to be the real Big Ear of Corn. I felt the fans deserved the real deal," Schneider admitted.

You can read the full interview, which also includes a bit about iCarly, here.