Busta Rhymes Leading Violator 2.0 Charge

Management company's second collection also includes LL Cool J, Noreaga, Kelis, Capone, Jadakiss.

How do you pick a first single off a compilation that's filled with some of the rap game's most successful artists? You don't — you let hip-hop DJs tell you who they think is the hottest.

That's what execs at Violator did when they faced the dilemma of choosing a lead cut from Violator the Album: V2.0, due July 24. According to a spokesperson from the management firm/record label, Violator sent out the songs "What It Is" by Busta Rhymes, "Put Your Hands Up" by LL Cool J and Noreaga's "Grimey" to DJs across the country in April. Bussa Bus received the strongest response, so he's shooting the song's video with director Hype Williams on Wednesday in Hollywood.

Williams has concocted several off-the-wall, effects-heavy scenes to go along with the equally off-the-wall song, the spokesperson said, and Busta will debut a new look in the video. Showing that it is all love, Nore will make an appearance in the clip, as will Kelis, who sings the hook on the Neptunes-produced track.

No word yet on what Violator will pick for a second single, but they have plenty of big names to choose from. Missy Elliott and Ja Rule team up on the album's "Ex," and Prodigy of Mobb Deep joins Butch Cassidy and the Lox's Jadakiss on "Livin' the Life." Jada's groupmate Styles is also on the LP, pairing up with Noreaga on "Come Thru." Meanwhile, newcomer JoJo Pellegrino not only teams up with Kurupt for "Grind Season," but he remakes Eric B. & Rakim's classic "Microphone Fiend" on the track "Fiend."

Violator the Album: V2.0 track listing, according to Violator:

  • "What It Is" - Busta Rhymes and Kelis

  • "Put Your Hands Up" - LL Cool J
  • "Grimey" - Noreaga
  • "Ex" - Missy Elliott, Ja Rule and Tweet
  • "Livin' in Da City" - Da Franchise and Butch Cassidy
  • "Grind Season" - JoJo Pellegrino and Kurupt
  • "Livin' the Life" - Prodigy, Jadakiss and Butch Cassidy
  • "Fiend" - JoJo Pellegrino
  • "Getting Dumb in Here" - Flipmode Squad
  • "Violators Anthem" - Fortune
  • "Can't Get Enough" - Meka, Spliff Starr and Rah Digga
  • "Sexual Chocolate" - Cee-Lo
  • "U Feel Me" - Havoc, Fat Joe and Remy Martin
  • "Options" - Capone and Noyd
  • "Come Thru" - Noreaga and Styles
  • "Hoppin' in My Car" - Hollyhood (Groove Theory) and Ludacris
  • "Next Generation" - JoJo Pellegrino, Cadillac Tah, Da Franchise, Fabolous and G-Dep
  • "Die 3" - The Outfit
  • "Apology Not Accepted" - Da Franchise and Deshara Renee
  • "We Do This" - Maze and Musolini
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