JoJo Just Rerecorded 'Leave (Get Out)' And 'Baby It's You' For Our Nostalgic Thrill

It's not too little too late

JoJo's Instagram bio reads, "!!!!!!!!!," and that's exactly how her fans are feeling right now. The singer is celebrating her 28th birthday today (December 20), but she's the one giving us the best present ever: new music. Or, more accurately, old music made brand new again.

On Thursday afternoon, JoJo began flooding her social media accounts with rerecorded snippets of her beloved throwback hits. Among the batch are fan-favorite tracks from her 2004 debut album, JoJo ("Baby It's You," "Homeboy," "Weak," "Never Say Goodbye," and, of course, "Leave (Get Out)"), as well as 2006's The High Road ("Let It Rain," "Like That," "A Little Too Late," and the title track).

To hear a taste of what she's whipped up, check out these killer snippets from "Leave" and "A Little Too Late," featuring her grown-up vocals:

JoJo's creative birthday gift is a welcome treat for fans, but it's also a way for her to prove she's triumphing against her nagging label issues. Her first album is not available on streaming services because of her former label, Blackground Records, which kept the singer locked in a seven-year contractual bind. In 2016, she vented in a Facebook post, "To say I'm sad and frustrated that this album is no longer available on iTunes and Spotify because of my previous label is a massive freaking understatement. That was such an important time in my life and set the foundation for the career I'm building brick my brick."

Over the past few years, JoJo managed to release a few mixtapes and EPs, and eventually dropped her third album, Mad Love, via Atlantic Records in 2016. Just as she used those projects to work around Blackground's road blocks, she's doing the same thing by rerecording JoJo and The High Road. And our nostalgia-loving hearts are forever grateful.