Gucci Mane And Waka Flocka Will 'Never' Do Music Again

'I greet fans; he punches fans. It's a difference,' Waka Focka tells 'RapFix Live' in response to his fallout with Gucci Mane.

Things just aren't right between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame, and the "Hard in da Paint" rapper refuses to be part of the cover-up.

Earlier this month, on March 15 Gucci hopped on Twitter to message to fans that he dropped his protégé Waka from his record label. "Waka flacka flames officially dropped off brick squad 1017. Big Guwop say give me a offer fa this disloyal lil n---," he wrote before reps for the rapper claimed that Gucci's Twitter was hacked days later.

Flocka isn't buying it. "Nah, that Twitter wasn't hacked because we had a conversation before that. Real aggressive words like, 'N---a let's get up, let's do this,' " Waka said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (March 27).

Waka didn't reveal the details of that "real aggressive" conversation and was baffled as to why Gucci would label him disloyal. "I don't know. Honest to God truth, I don't know because I'm the loyalist person you could ever see. I took on a man's beef, risked my life, hung out the window, risked my freedom. I never backed in a corner," he said, referencing his involvement in Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy's beef. "To my knowledge, it can't be nothing but jealously or something because there is nothing I did disloyal."

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Flocka is an artist on Gucci's Brick Squad 1017 label, but he also has his own Brick Squad Monopoly label. The way Flocka sees it, because of the percentage points that he owns in both business ventures, Gucci would have a difficult time getting rid of him. "Plus I won a percentage of Brick Squad 1017 and I own 100% of Brick Squad Monopoly, so you can't kick the boss out," he said.

Things get even stickier because Gucci Mane is managed by Flocka's mom Deb Antney. Even if the old friends manage to patch things up, Waka says he will never do another deal with Gucci or work with him in the studio. "It ain't gonna never be no business, ever in life. No music or nothing," he vowed. "I don't feel nothing he say out his mouth. It ain't real."

The "O Let's Do It" rapper even referenced Gucci's recent legal woes. On Wednesday, it was reported that Gucc turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest after he was accused of assaulting a fan. "He ain't it, he's bad vibes around me," he said. "I greet fans; he punches fans. It's a difference."

Still, no matter their differences, Waka Flocka hopes it all works out for his former collaborator. "That's foul, I don't wish jail or death on nobody. That's foul," he said.

Is this the end for Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame, or do you believe they can have a reconciliation? Let us know in the comments!