51 Times Chrissy Teigen Made Us Hungry Through Her Instagram

What's for dinner?!

When Chrissy isn't busy going on photo-shoots, she's stuffing her face...and I can totally dig that! The Sports Illustrated model even has her own food blog, Deluchious, which she started in 2014.

Whether it's fast food or some home-cooking, Chrissy's Instagram page is the definition of food porn. Unfamiliar with her foodie talents? You can take a scroll below but I suggest you go grab a snack beforehand.

Who doesn't love a roasted chicken?

With gravy?

Winter is quickly approaching and this soup would definitely help warm us up.

All of this = yes.

She appreciates a sophisticated grilled cheese sandwich.


Just like the camera says, this dish looks fine

Who needs to know how to bake when there are M&Ms?

Beef stew with smashed potatoes (hungry yet?)

Even husband John Legend is a food lover.

Wait, chilled spicy noodles is a thing? Can I have?

She's found out what heaven looks like:

Seafood is always a win.

She makes the best breakfasts.

I'm not sure what this is but it looks so delicious.

'Random fridge sh--' has never looked so good.

Fish tacos clearly make Chrissy happy.

Cold cuts are always a must.

No need to cut more slices, I'll have it all.

Apparently Dallas treated her food-soul well.

A lunch made in 10 minutes? I'm down.

Cheese conquers everything.

Move over, Shack Shake. There's a new burger in town!

Chrissy and food are basically one. Who else can balance chicken on their butt?

'Papa John'

All the pizza.

Roasted chicken that is fit for the gods.

Adding a twist on the usual boring salad.

Cheese, chicken, flatbread...sold!

Zucchini fries?!

Even mom gets down in the kitchen.

Wondering when I'll get my invite for Chrissy's grilling sessions...

What is a 'Nando's' and where can I find one?!

Interesting, does United offer those meals?

Pasta in bed sounds wonderful.

Salmon is good for the skin.

Woah...I'm totally open to trying these exotic pancakes.

She makes eating no carbs actually seem delicious.

She's definitely a chef with this 20-minute dish.

How beautiful does this look?

Can't forget your veggies!

Chrissy obviously doesn't like to share.

Okay, maybe she does.

'Adult French toast.'

Aw, baby BLTs.

Berries and cheese = well balanced breakfast.

Prosciutto wrapped chicken, stuffed with bacon. *Drools over computer*

Clam linguini. I'm speechless.

YAS! Ramen!

Move over Red Lobster, these biscuits look like the most delicious biscuits of all time.

All this food can be a little problematic, though.

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