Halsey Teams Up With Dominic Fike For Bamboozling 'Phone Numbers' Video

Fike swipes some serious cash and goods from her house

If you get hired somewhere, in this economy, it's probably – no, definitely – in your best interest to maybe, um, not engage in criminal activity. Dominic Fike doesn't seem to understand that in his new video for "Phone Numbers." He's a swindler extraordinaire, using his uncanny ability to get a job at any company of his choosing to act as a front for his dastardly deeds. He must have one hell of a cover letter and/or interview presence.

While he can get a job anywhere, Fike isn't slick. The cops are onto him, as evident by the board of Polaroids with rubber bands and tacks that connected everything together, just like the ones in hardboiled detective movies featuring investigators rubbing their chins while looking at them. Fike then hops out of a pest control van with producer Kenny Beats (who orchestrates the song's mellow and slightly optimistic beat) and they spray a house for bugs while stealing cash, gold, and awards.

It's later revealed to be Halsey's house! She screams to officers to figure out who took her stuff while an adorable dog yips in her arms.

Kenny Beats gets caught and Fike runs. Instead of helping his friend, he goes on to find other jobs. He's a fireman, airline pilot, and boilerplate office worker. He shouldn't even need to resort to crime with the steady amount of legal income that he has coming in. Fike eventually gets caught by the police and escapes by distracting them with a water gun and hopping into a vehicle with a waiting friend. We're meant to presume that he's heading back to the job board to get another gig.

Watch Fike go through a ton of jobs in "Phone Numbers" up above.

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