A Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks Reunion Is (Probably) Happening

A new onscreen pairing is a possibility for the 'You've Got Mail' and 'Sleepless in Seattle' co-stars.

Although it's not a sequel to "Sleepless in Seattle" — a dream upon which we will never give up, ever, so don't you dare ask us to — it looks like a movie reunion is in the works for favorite onscreen duo Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hanks is circling a small role in Ryan's upcoming film "Ithaca," a World War II drama in which the actress will both star and direct. Though Hanks was already involved as an executive producer, he's now in talks to make a cameo as well, playing Ryan's deceased husband (who would, presumably, be seen alive in flashbacks.)

Based on 1943 novel "The Human Comedy" by William Saroyan, "Ithaca" tells the story of Homer Macauley, a 14 year-old telegraph bike messenger who assumes the responsibility of caring for his family when his older brother goes to war. Hollywood newcomer Alex Neustaedter will star in the lead role; Meg Ryan will play his widowed mother.

If Tom Hanks joins the production, it'll be the first time we've seen them together onscreen since the cheesy-but-totally-watchable "You've Got Mail" in 1998.

"Ithaca" begins shooting next month in Virginia, with a release slated for sometime in 2015.

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