Yungblud Talks Sexual Fluidity: 'I Know Who I Am Now'

The singer's connection to others goes deeper than sexual identity

When it comes to sharing details about his sexuality, 22-year-old Yungblud is being perfectly candid.

Per E!, the star spoke with Attitude in a soul-baring interview in which he stated he's "very fluid" about his sexuality.

During the interview, he called himself "more straight," but ultimately conceded that for him, being attracted to someone goes deeper: "It's about connection."

Yungblud has been romantically linked with Halsey for nearly a year now, after the "Bad At Love" singer posted a photo of them together to her social media, and continued posting snaps of the couple throughout January 2019 during a London stroll.

In addition to getting candid about his sexuality, Yungblud got real with Attitude about bucking limiting gender norms. "We've been brought up with such boundaries: woman wears dress, man sees woman's curves, you can make baby," he commented. "Western civilization put women in dresses and men in trousers. Before that, in medieval times, every fucker wore a dress."

"I wake up one day and want to look girly as fuck, and I'll wake up the next and walk out of the house in a Fred Perry polo shirt looking like I'll beat the shit of out you. I'll be Anita from West Side Story then suddenly transform into Liam Gallagher," he said.

It's an approach to style that he shares with Halsey, who has even commemorated their fashion sense on Twitter. Earlier this year, she posted a photo challenging limiting expectations. In it, she's decked out in jeans and flannel with slicked-back hair, while Yungblud is all smiles in a vibrant outfit, leaning in with a friendly demeanor. Halsey captioned the tweet, "Who Is the Boyfriend and Who Is the Girlfriend? 99% of People Get This Wrong."

As for Yungblud, he credits his move to London from his hometown of Doncaster, as a way to help him better understand his sense of self. But he's also quick to admit such a shift was a bit of a tumultuous process in the beginning.

"I came to London to be liberated, to be able to paint my nails, to fucking try sex with a guy, to try everything, to fulfill my fantasies and figure out who I am," he shared. "Ultimately, it was a massive journey to being comfortable in myself. But in that journey, I got more confused. I'd get blazed and fucked up. Then I'd sit in my room and cry my fucking eyes out." In an interview with Alternative Press in July, Yungblud confirmed that same period was when he first began questioning his sexuality.

"I bottled things up until I got to a really dark place, but then I started writing music again, and that was the moment when Yungblud truly began," he said at the time.

Through it all, Yungblud is even more confident than before in who he is, even if he still struggles on a daily basis to be "talked off the ledge."

"There is always the dark part in everyone's brain. You wake up in the morning, you've got a knot in your stomach and you don't know why," he adds. "But you just have to tell yourself that it's fine, breathe, go for a walk, make love to your girlfriend or boyfriend, anything that will make it better."

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