12 Times Roger Mathews Kvelled Over His Baby Girl On Twitter

JWOWW's fiancé has turned into a puddle of mush since Meilani's arrival -- and here's the proof.

Before Roger Mathews became a doting dad to his adorable daughter Meilani, Jenni Farley's main man was a well-known tough guy who rarely let his sensitive side show. But that all changed when the tatted-up gentle giant became a father.

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Since he and Jenni welcomed their "little angel" in July -- you'll see Baby M's birth on the upcoming fourth season of "Snooki & JWOWW" -- Rog has turned into a big ol' puddle of mush. The proof: The "Jersey" guy has frequently been taking to his Twitter account to post aww-worthy snapshots of his mini-me, with equally heartwarming status updates.

Take a look at some of his top kvelling moments, and we dare you not to "ooh" and "awww" along with his pics and witty words:

On wanting a son, but having a daughter:

On becoming one of those parents:

On spending quality time with his baby girl:

On his tiny apprentice:

On considering a career change:

On the importance of bath time:

On experiencing love at first sight:

On his beautiful ladies:

On wanting to, but refraining from, eating his baby:

On possibly getting a palm reading:

On exciting milestones:

On his daughter's sweet tooth:

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