The World Is Depressing, This Baby Dancing Lamb Is Not

Is it 'baaaaaaaaa'd that I can't stop watching?

Life (and the Internet) has already proven that there is nothing better than the simple pleasure of watching a happy, carefree animal jump with joy. And lucky Vine user Life of Shannon gets to live this reality every day because her lamb, Winter, is pretty much the happiest animal we've ever seen.

Like, when our moms call our name, we kind of roll our eyes teenager-style and say "whaaaaat, Mom, I'm home on break and I'm just trying to catch up on 'Scaaanddaaaallll.'" Whereas when Winter's mom calls his name, he gets so happy he just can't. Stop. Bouncing. See below for proof!

Here's Winter freaking out at hearing his name:

Here's Winter doing a little side-hop:

Here's Winter just straight up bouncing:

Here's Winter really going for it:

Here's Winter taking the action outdoors:

And here's Winter being bottle-fed, because ADORABLE:

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