News Flash: Stones' Strange Collaboration With k.d. lang

Although the names of notable contributors to the new Rolling

Stones album (the Dust Brothers, Me'Shell Ndegeocello) have been reported for months, one name only came to light this week. k.d. lang will receive songwriting credit on the first single from

Bridges To Babylon, "Anybody Seen My Baby." The collaboration was a secret to even lang

herself until recently, as reported Friday in the Ottawa Sun. It seems the song bears such similarities to lang's own

hit, "Constant Craving," that a member of the Stones' camp decided that the group better give lang and her songwriting partner Walt Mink joint credit on the tune. Through a spokesperson Mick Jagger said he had never heard

"Constant Craving," but that he "really admires k.d. as a singer." For her

part, the Canadian country-singer-turned-torch-vocalist said she took the

co-credit "as quite a compliment."

In other Stones news, three songs from Bridges To Babylon received a

surprising world radio premiere Friday morning on Washington, D.C.'s modern

rock powerhouse, WHFS. The station, which never includes the Rolling

Stones in its normal playlists, played "Anybody Seen My Baby," the Dust

Brothers-produced "Gun Face" and "Already Over You." DJ Tom Perry said the station had been leaked a copy of the album, which they decided to play, "because we can." -- ATN staff report [Fri., Aug. 28, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]

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