The Suburbia Soundtrack Story

Sonic Youth contributed the score, plus some cool tunes. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The upcoming soundtrack to the movie version of Eric Bogosian's play

subUrbia , directed by Richard Linklater (Slacker) has an awesome line-up

of contributing artists including Sonic Youth, Girls Against Boys, Elastica

with Pavement's Steven Malkmus, Beck, Boss Hog, Flaming Lips and the Butthole

Surfers. As previously reported, by special request of the director, Sonic

Youth scored the movie (something they haven't done since 1986's Made in

USA , released by Rhino last year). The inclusion of the Beck song,

"Feather In Your Cap," marks the first time one of his songs has appeared on a

movie soundtrack.

Of note: Instead of a cover of the Frank & Nancy Sinatra

duet "Something Stupid," Elastica and Pavement's Steve Malkmus settled on a

cover of X's "The Unheard Music.

The SY score doesn't appear on the disc,

so you'll just have to make do with "Be Be's Song," sung by Kim Gordon,

"Sunday," sung by Thurston Moore and the instrumental, "Table of Suburbia."

Another song written expressly for the soundtrack is the Superchunk tune, which

guitarist Mac McCaughan wrote after reading the script to the movie.

subUrbia hits theatres at the end of February 1997 and, but if you just

can't wait, book at ticket to Park City, Utah, cuz the movie is slated to open

this year's Sundance film festival on January 17.

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