The Like Band Interview: 'No Stylists Allowed!'

The Like backstage at the Leeds Festival on Aug. 28.

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The Like is an all-girl band that we have a girl crush on. They have awesome music and awesome style, and that pairing makes them one of our current favorites. Which is why we were pumped when we saw the four-person group -- Elizabeth "Z" Berg (vocals and guitar), Tennessee Thomas (drums), Laena Geronimo (bass), and Annie Monroe (organ) -- support a worthwhile cause last weekend, performing at the Generation Next event presented by O'Neill Clothing and Teen Vogue in Los Angeles on Oct. 9. Their live performance culminated an evening of supporting young, ambitious designers competing to win a design internship at O'Neill and a $5,000 scholarship, among other cool things. We caught up with lead singer Berg after the event to find out about The Like's signature style, having (or not having) a stylist, and more. Check it out below!

How are music and fashion similar?

Elizabeth "Z" Berg: "I think fashion and music are very similar; both art forms are an attempt to express one's self and try to communicate your vision with the world. The biggest challenge is believing in yourself even when no one else does. That's the place to start! Never give up on yourself and your vision. That's why this 'Generation Next' event that O'Neill is putting on is something we wanted to be a part of."

What is your biggest tip for going after your dreams?

"Don't give up! If you love it, make it your life!"

How does your style reflect your music?

"It's important to us that the aesthetic match the music and the entire package is a representation of ourselves, our vision, and our wish to apply order and beauty to the chaos of modern life."

How has your style evolved since you were in high school?

"I dress a lot like I did as a child actually, in fact I pretty much only wear children's vintage clothes! But I'm sure I had some bad high school moments. Definitely had some weird hairstyles!"

What's your least favorite trend today?

"I don't like sweatpants or any kind of 'comfort' clothing. I like to dress up! Make an effort!"

You ladies are known for rocking '60s-inspired black eyeliner. How do you perfect this look?

"Practice, practice, practice! I used to do my eye makeup every day in the car on the way to high school so I can do my eyes no matter the circumstance! Eye makeup boot camp!"

Where do you look for the mod-inspired clothes that you typically wear on stage? Are they vintage?

"A lot of vintage. We search the world for great minidresses and hot pants on tour! It's a worldwide treasure hunt. Also there are some great new designers we're friends with like Charles Anastase, an Australian clothing company called Lover and a great L.A. designer called Geronimo."

As a band, how do you collectively decide what your look onstage is going to be for each performance? Do you have a stylist?

"No stylists allowed in this band! We do it all ourselves. Tennessee [Thomas] makes sure we all coordinate properly. She's sort of the aesthetic director of the band."

The Like performing at the “Generation Next” event.

Photo: Courtesy of O'Neill

Elizabeth "Z" Berg and Laena Geronimo performing at the “Generation Next” event.

Photo: Courtesy of O'Neill

The Like at the Kate Spade Pop-Up shop event on Oct. 13.

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The Like 'Release Me' album cover.

Photo: Courtesy of Downtown Records

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