Demi Lovato's New Song Teaser Gets Naughty: 'Don't Tell Your Mother'

Just call her Demi Danger.

Demi Lovato is warning you about her new single: "Don't tell your mother."

The singer is prepared to drop her new song, "Cool For Summer," on July 1, and on Friday (June 26), we got a scandalous teaser. In an Instagram video, we hear a throbbing electro-beat, while flashes of pools and lost bikini tops zip on screen. Who is that bikini'd woman, though?

The art for the song shows Demi in a strappy suit and faux fur, throwing us the side eye. She gives off an all-knowing, commanding vibe, swinging around her sunglasses without a care. The video teaser gives off the same feel. We see shots of a California summer -- palm trees, concrete, tanned skin and chlorinated water -- over an aggressive beat until it cuts out and someone whispers, "Shhh... don't tell you mother."

Don't tell your mother what, Demi? What are we getting into with this new song? Is it safe? Should I fill out an emergency contact form?

Whatever it is, it seems like Demi is embracing her dangerous side.