Why Are One Direction Fans And 5 Seconds Of Summer Fans Banding Together?

Some bonds are best forged through the fires of a Twitter feud.

One Direction fans rushed in to support the 5 Seconds Of Summer fandom on Twitter in their time of need as the hashtag #5SOSIsDeadParty began trending on Sunday (Dec. 27). The hashtag, supposedly started by Fifth Harmony fans, took off after a controversial Rolling Stone cover story on 5SOS hit the web on Saturday.

The article left many 5SOS fans outraged over quotes that candidly spoke of "bedding their fans."

But despite the initial backlash, the fans have been staying true to their boys, and with the Directioners' support, doing their best to stem the negativity of the hashtag.

One particular sore spot in the Twitter hashtag takeover is the mention of drummer Ashton Irwin's self-harming history and his Dad leaving, to which fans have been taking a no-nonsense approach.

In any case, the onslaught of renewed fandom support has been taken in great stride by members of either fan group, who seem to relish in the fact that they are here for reach other.

When all is said and done, one thing is for certain: The One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer fandoms are definitely united in their support for one another, and if you take on one, you must definitely be prepared to deal with the other.

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