Are Ciara And Russell Wilson Talking About A Wedding Date?

Are Ciara and Russell talking about wedding bells or is it just jokes?

We already knew Ciara's "Dance Like We're Making Love" video was an irresistibly sexy clip. What we didn't know was how her boyfriend Russell Wilson would react when he saw it.

What could Wilson mean by "the date," when he sent that tweet on Saturday? Well, he could just simply mean an old fashioned date. Perhaps they've planned to meet for a nice dinner somewhere soon and he just wants to clarify when that is.

Or maybe - just maybe - he's talking about a wedding date. Recently, Wilson announced that he and Ciara were practicing celibacy until marriage. If that's the case, could Russell's tweet be an indication that he'd like that to happen sooner than later?

Well, Ciara had her own response to his tweet.


We can't blame Russell for wanting to pop the question - if that's indeed what he meant there. I mean, even this lion looks like he's got heart emoji eyes.

Ciara/Epic Records


Watch the full vid below.

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