Which 'Million Ways To Die In The West' Scene Was Too Gross For Seth MacFarlane?

Even he has his limits.

Seth MacFarlane's "A Million Ways to Die in the West" has a million ways of grossing you out — but even for MacFarlane, there's one gag that was too far over the line.

Speaking with MTV News, MacFarlane, who wrote, directed and starred in the R-rated "Million Ways," pulled the curtain back on one scene that didn't make the final cut of the Wild West era comedy.

"There was a scene in the doctor's office, where we see a frontier era surgery taking place," said MacFarlane. "The doctor gets up and leaves for a moment, and his cat jumps up on the table and makes off with an intestine."

"It made us laugh on the day, but it didn't quite [work]," he laughed. "I think people were so horrified by it. 'We get that you're portraying this as such a rough, awful place to live — which it was – but we don't want to see a cat eating somebody out from the inside.'"

Even Charlize Theron, MacFarlane's co-star, was horrified by the scene. "If I'm going to say something is too much for me, then it must be pretty f—ed up, because I'm pretty okay with a lot of stuff," she said.

Indeed, Theron's comments are coming from an actor who, at one point in "Million Ways," inserts a daisy into… er, into an…

"Into an a—hole," Theron clarified. "Yes, I did. Several times. Because I'm a professional, and I wanted to get it perfect. I'm a perfectionist."

Glad we got that covered.

"A Million Ways to Die in the West" is in theaters now.

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