The Last Lyric On Chinx's 'Welcome To JFK Will Make You Shed A Tear

Chinx's posthumous debut album is out now.

It's often said that the good die young, and when Chinx was tragically gunned down on May 18, the rapper passed away with a ton of promise and unfulfilled potential. Though he made his mark on the rap world with his Cocaine Riot mixtapes and countless collaborations with French Montana's Coke Boys crew, Chinx hadn't released a proper album by the time he died.

On Friday (Aug. 14), Chinx's debut Welcome to JFK was officially released. JFK is a 12-track project that the Queens, New York MC completed before he died, and listening to it gives a glimpse of what could've been. Tracks like "On Your Body" prove that Chinx had mainstream appeal, while on "Yay" he shows why he was so beloved in the streets.

Still, it's the last track on Welcome to JFK that struck us the most -- particularly, the album's very last lyric. On "Die Young" with French Montana, Zack and Meet Sims, Chinx leaves us with one final message: "I pray I be ok when I grow up a little bigger/ If I don't, tell my babies daddy was a real n---a."

You can streak Chinx's Welcome to JFK below.

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