Megan Thee Stallion Was In Full Boss Mode In 'Tiny Desk' Debut

She took the occasion to debut a new song

Megan Thee Stallion's debut at NPR's Tiny Desk was a special outing that was about issuing commands and kicking your feet up with your tongue out and middle fingers raised. Megan didn't actually do either of these things, but she made a Hot Girl Summer-sized splash on the hushed set, performing a seven-song set that included a new song that's yet to be released. It's an epic 25-minute show that's everything you could have wanted, and more from Megan's first time on the awesome platform.

Megan's Tiny Desk debut was the first time that she performed live with a band – in this case, Phony Ppl. Before the video could even kick off right with "Realer," it's revealed that Megan's already in motion, eager to get things going as she pops her body. She slams into the number with the energy of an evil galactic queen, issuing orders with her masterful finger-wagging. She barreled through her powerful songs, going through "Freak Nasty," "Cash Shit," the always epic "Big Ole Freak," and the smile-inducing "Hot Girl Summer" quickly and efficiently.

She surprised everyone in attendance with a new song, "Fucking Around." Before launching into it after a rousing round of applause, she revealed that she created this new tune with Phony Ppl. At the song's beginning, it was clear that this was different from Megan's usual power-heavy style. Here, she ceded control to an icy and glittery beat courtesy of Phony Ppl that's indebted to classic funk. It's an awesome switch-up that shows her versatility and was the highlight of the epic performance.

Check out Megan's full Tiny Desk performance up above.

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