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Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams Talk 'Racy' Sex Scenes In 'Blue Valentine'

'It's a racy movie, so it's hard to watch those scenes with so many people,' Gosling says of their new film.

When actors arrive at the Sundance Film Festival, they're typically, and understandably, nervous. After all the time and effort put into making a movie, they're unveiling it for the first time to an audience who could either adoringly crown it the next "Little Miss Sunshine" or deploringly dismiss it as the next [article id="1595255"]"Hounddog."[/article] Over the last few days, several dazzlers and duds have been unleashed at the festival -- but when Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams hit Park City, Utah, with the romantic film "Blue Valentine," they had an extra concern in mind.

"It's a lot of pressure to watch it with all those people," admitted Gosling, the 29-year-old star who returns to "The Notebook" territory in the film about a contemporary married couple navigating the good times and the bad. "Also, it's a racy movie, so it's hard to watch those scenes with so many people."

After only a handful of screenings, the film has already made waves with its steamy sex scenes -- and to make matters worse, Gosling explained that one member of the premiere audience was the last person any of us would want in the room while we bumped uglies on the big screen: "I watched it with my mother, she was beside me," he smiled, recalling the way he solved the issue. "I gave her an iPod. And when the naughty scenes came on, I pressed 'play' and covered her eyes."

Then there's Michelle Williams, the 29-year-old former "Dawson's Creek" star and mother to 4-year-old Matilda, whose father is the late Heath Ledger.

"When the movie screened the other day, me and the kid, neither of us were old enough to watch that movie," Williams smiled. "So we colored in Tinker Bell pictures for two hours and played pirate games."

The thought of filming a "racy" sex scene with Ryan Gosling might be enough to make most women willing to work for free. But according to Williams, it's never as exciting as it looks.

"I don't wake up and jump out of bed on that day," she laughed. "Although many women would."

For longtime friends Gosling and Williams, however, the scenes were more about getting it right than getting it on. "You know, those scenes were easy with Michelle," Ryan insisted. "We've just been through so much together, you know? They aren't gratuitous scenes."

"They are about love and falling in love, and that's part of it," he explained. "So, we felt like they were important scenes that we wanted to get right."

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