Louis Tomlinson's Bummed About Failing To Buy His Favorite Team, So Directioners Started A Day Just For Him

He is sad.

Louis Tomlinson is a sad guy right now. After he failed to raise enough money to buy his favorite soccer team, the Doncaster Rovers, he tweeted his sorrow. To that, One Direction fans responded with three hashtags and a lot of love.

Tomlinson needed £2 million to buy the team with his business partner John Ryan, according to the Huffington Post. They tried to raise the money through crowd-funding.

"I'm absolutely gutted the Doncaster Rovers deal is not going ahead. I am desperate for the club to be given the recognition it deserves :(," he tweeted on Thursday night. "I was explicitly told that the deal to buy the club was not dependent on the money raised by Crowdfunding. Unfortunately I was misled."

Louis had played for the Rovers back in February and was a hospitality waiter for the club before he went on the "X Factor."

Louis Tomlinson Is The Best Member Of One Direction: End Of Story.

Seeing that Tomlinson was visibly sad (there was a frowny emoticon, so we can be sure), fans took to Twitter to cheer him up, trending #LouisAppreciationDay, #LouisWeLoveYou and Louis Tomlinson.

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