Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body' Co-Star Jack McBrayer Raves About Working With The 'Living Barbie Doll'

'30 Rock' funnyman recalls an awkward moment from the video set: 'I threw a Frisbee in Mariah Carey's face!'

Most leading men carry a chin harder than granite and looks that could make any woman swoon. And Mariah Carey certainly brings her share of leading-lady beauty to the screen.

So if Carey is Barbie, would that make McBrayer — who plays an overeager NBC page named Kenneth on Tina Fey's hit TV show "30 Rock" — her Ken?

"Maybe in an alternate universe," he quipped. "But Ken all the same."

The unlikely onscreen pairing of Carey and McBrayer in "Touch My Body" has raised eyebrows and busted guts. According to McBrayer, Carey is a huge fan of "30 Rock" and of comedy in general. But when he got the call requesting him for the video, he wondered whether it was a gag.

"I got a phone call on a Thursday night saying, 'Would you be available to get on a plane tomorrow morning and come be in Mariah Carey's video?' " McBrayer recalled. "I'm always worried now that somebody is pranking me, so at first I was very leery. But when I heard it was legit, and then later on we got a phone call from Brett Ratner, who directed it. I was like, 'This is either a very elaborate prank, or this is the real deal.' "

Obviously, it turned out to be the real deal.

In the fish-out-of water plot, McBrayer's character is a computer tech visiting Carey's home for a service visit. When the singer answers the door in a revealing outfit, McBrayer's character starts daydreaming about being with the superstar.

In one of the more memorable — and odd — scenes, he and Carey walk side by side with, of all things, a unicorn trailing behind them. "I have no idea [what that scene was about]," McBrayer said. "I guess part of this geek's fantasy would involve dressing up like medieval people walking a unicorn. Which, I mean, duh, that makes no sense."

Another scene, which could have been just as memorable, unfortunately didn't make the final cut, he said. "We're out in the backyard playing ultimate Frisbee and stuff, and we're given very loose directions: 'Play around!' 'Go fetch!' " McBrayer remembered. "So I go to throw the Frisbee to Mariah Carey, and she's lip-syncing and she's spinning around. And she spins around right around the time it leaves my hands. So by the time she spins back around — bonk, right in her face. I threw a Frisbee in Mariah Carey's face!"

For McBrayer, who was just as overwhelmed being around the real-life Carey as his character was, that was when his fantasy ended.

"Her bodyguard came over and set me straight," he said, joking. "In fact, if you notice, from there on out for most of the video, we're just kind of handing the Frisbee back and forth to each other."