50 Cent Performance Cut Short After Fan Throws Water At Him

Rapper jumps into crowd after fan, one concertgoer says.

Two 50 Cent fans were arrested on Friday night after a surprise performance

by the rapper at a Springfield, Massachusetts, nightclub ended abruptly

following a minor brawl, police said.

According to one concertgoer, a small skirmish erupted in the audience after

the rapper was allegedly hit in the head by a water bottle thrown by an

audience member and 50 leapt into the crowd after the fan.

Friday night's event, Spring Jam, thrown by Hartford, Connecticut, radio station WZMX-FM

93.7, was an invite-only event for winners of an on-air contest, and was

billed as featuring Akon, Mobb Deep, Mario Winans, and Lloyd Banks of the

G-Unit. Rumors of 50 Cent's surprise appearance were circulating

during the week prior to the show, however, as the rapper owns a house in nearby

Farmington, Connecticut, about 25 minutes away from the venue.

Club co-owner Michael J. Barrasso told WWLP-TV 22 News that

50 Cent was not scheduled to appear but showed up at the last minute. The

rapper was set to perform a few songs, but, according to an eyewitness in the

crowd of 1,400, the rapper started throwing water and water bottles at fans

halfway through his first song. The doused crowd, which had suited up to meet

the club's strictly enforced dress code, allegedly began throwing water back

at the stage.

One concertgoer said 50 was hit in the head with a water bottle,

then took something out of his waist band, removed his chain and jumped into

the crowd, followed by members of his entourage. "They started throwing

'bows," the onlooker said.

However, a source at WZMX told MTV News that the crowd was very enthusiastic

when 50 took the stage, and that there was a lot of water being thrown back

and forth but "not in a negative way." Just like a rock show, he explained,

50 jumped into the crowd, not to fight but to get the crowd hyped, then

jumped back onstage and continued the song ("Wanksta"). According to the

source, 50 was just beginning his next song when a fight occurred

in the crowd. The show was then shut down.

Barrasso told 22 News that "police were there, my security were there, it

was contained within 30 seconds, then everyone was pushed back onstage. [50

Cent] finished the song he was singing, then exited off the side of the

stage with his whole entourage." Barrasso told The Associated Press that the

club was so packed that he could not tell if the fight ever erupted into

anything more severe than pushing.

DJ Buck, program director of WZMX, told MTV News that the night's problems

were "not as bad as some have portrayed it," and that they were

"unfortunately, the acts of a few local individuals and not representative

of the crowd, the atmosphere or the station's audience."

Springfield police are looking into a shooting that happened

nearby, to investigate if the two events were linked, according to

Lieutenant C. Lee Bennett. Police are

also continuing to investigate complaints that 50 may have assaulted at

least one person.

This story was updated at 4:08 p.m. ET 05.10.2004

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