Back At The 'Jersey Shore,' Sammi Says She And Ronnie Are Living The Good Life [Video]

Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris; Sammi and Ronnie will always have Seaside Heights. On tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW," the couple famous for their dramatic "Jersey Shore" fights proved they'd come a long way from their days of destroying each other's property, and while visiting Snooki and Jenni, Sammi said with utmost certainty that things with Ron were as good as they'd ever been. She knocked on wood to ensure she wasn't jinxing the sentiment, but based on SamRon's relentless smiling, we're willing to bet they don't really need any luck.

While enjoying some wine at an old boardwalk haunt, Nicole and Sammi, who first met nearly five years ago, talked about the progress they'd made, especially with regards to L-O-V-E. "I can't deal how you guys are still mushy!" Snooki told her pal in admiration. "Like the first week you guys started dating!" And though Sam said her relationship with Ron had never been better, she noted that it didn't mean she was itching to get married yet. "I'm not in a rush for it," she said. "I still want to live my life for myself, you know?" Commitment and independence? Our girl has really grown up!

+ Check out Snooki and Sammi's heart-to-heart, and tell us what you think of the new and improved SamRon!

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