Paramore's Hayley Williams Takes Vocal 'Precautions' Before Tour

'I can't eat past a certain time ... and I warm up a lot,' she tells MTV News before band hits the road in April.

The joke surrounding Paramore's last U.S. tour was that it was "cursed," and with all the [article id="1622920"]canceled shows[/article], battles with laryngitis and a seemingly endless [article id="1624181"]string of illnesses[/article] that hammered the band, you can sort of see why.

So now, with a [article id="1630785"]fresh batch of dates announced[/article], how do the guys (and gal) of Paramore plan to break the curse? Why, with a sensible diet and plenty of exercise, of course.

"The last tour, I lost my voice during the first show. And the day after, I was straight to a doctor," frontwoman Hayley Williams told MTV News on Sunday on the Grammy red carpet. "And, you know, I've had trouble with my voice for a long time, since I was 15, and I don't know why, but now, I take precautions with my diet. ... I can't eat past a certain time, because [she makes a vomiting noise], and I warm up a lot, more carefully than I ever did.

"It's less stressful. It takes up a little more time, but it's so worth it," Williams continued. "I feel great, we can play shows, and I don't have to think about it. Just get up onstage and have a good time."

Hopefully, things will run much smoother this time out. And while they're preparing for the tour (it starts April 26 in Knoxville, Tennessee), they're also putting the finishing touches on the video for "The Only Exception," a tender love song that's pretty much a departure from anything they've done previously. And with the ballad out of the way, they're even starting to think about new material, though getting through the tour remains the top priority.

"We're always making music," bassist Jeremy Davis said. "But give us some time. It'll happen."

While Paramore didn't take home a Grammy on Sunday (their "Decode" from the "Twilight" soundtrack lost out to the "Slumdog Millionaire" tune "Jai Ho" in the Best Song Written for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media category), the night wasn't a total waste. They were taking mental notes and possibly lining up a collaboration or two.

"Hayley and Jeremy used to be in a funk cover band, and I feel like I've never heard Hayley's voice sound so good as when she sings soul and funk," guitarist Taylor York said. "So if there's any way to do a collaboration with someone in that genre, I think it would be amazing."

The 2010 Grammy Awards may be over, but MTV News will have much, much more from the show, including reports on your favorite nominees, party photos, behind-the-scenes video and much more from the big show!

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