So 'Justice League' Isn't Doing So Super At The Box Office

More like ... Bust-ice League (I'm sorry)

To be fair, $100 million is nothing to sneeze at, not by a long shot — but we're not talking about any standard major-billing feature, here, and Justice League could very well be the first DC movie to fall short of clearing that number during its first weekend in theaters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justice League's opening night (and Thursday night preview) sum of $38.8 million offers little confidence that the latest installment of the DCEU will draw the same crowds that Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the rest of its affiliated films did before this.

To compare and contrast, Wonder Woman brought in $100 million for its debut weekend, which puts it high on the list of the best-selling movies of 2017 (and one of the most crowd-pleasing efforts, too).

Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman were critical flops, but still got butts in seats when they hit theaters: Suicide Squad saw a $133 million opening, with Batman v Superman earning $166 million in spite of across-the-board unenthusiastic reviews.

Justice League is no critical darling, not by a long shot, but Wonder Woman's popularity and major role in the ensemble blockbuster was thought to be a dependable draw going into the weekend. Diana Prince can take on armies of bad guys and save the world with her Lasso of Truth, but can she save Justice League from tanking? We won't know until Monday morning when the final box office numbers are reported — but it's not looking good.

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