Nas Confirms Kelis' Pregnancy, Talks New Album

While his wife has one in the oven, Nas is cooking up an LP with Damian Marley.

[artist id="1000"]Nas[/artist] is about to be a dad again. It's official. The masterful MC told us on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards that he and wife [article id="1602698"]Kelis are expecting their first child together[/article]. The couple will know the baby's sex in a matter of days.

"Yeah, man, I find out what it's gonna be next week, so I'm happy," said the rapper, who has a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. "I got another one coming in '09, yeah! That's what's up!"

Last year, Nas and Kelis showed up to the Grammys walking the red carpet wearing the clothing emblazoned with the N-word, which [article id="1571889"]Nas planned to make the name of his album[/article]. You already know about the controversy, the protest, the title change, the #1 chart debut and the critical praise.

A year later, [article id="1604222"]Nas' Untitled LP was up for Best Rap Album[/article]. And even though Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III wound up winning, we might just see Nas up for another award in 2010. He says he has another project in the cooker. This one will be a joint effort.

"Right now, I'll tell you first, I'm working on an album with Damian Marley, and we tryin' to build some schools in Africa with this one, and trying to build empowerment," he said. "We're tryin' to show love and stuff with this album. So, the record's ... all about really the 'hood and Africa also as well. That's coming out real soon."

No release date yet, but the rhyme legend is looking tentatively at this spring.

"Too early to tell the title or anything like that," he said. "Shout out to my man Jr. Gong, we getting it in right now."

Nas was guest at L.A. Reid's post-Grammy party. We'll give you one guess which label the album is coming out on.

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