How 'Teen Mom 2''s Jo Has Proven His Commitment To Being A Good Father

Kailyn's ex has shown maturity through the years

By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Everyone has grown up a lot since the early seasons of Teen Mom 2, but Jo is really showing some serious maturity when it comes to being Isaac’s dad.

Kailyn's ex has been more than supportive during Javi’s absence, and there’s no question these days about his commitment to being a good father. Co-parenting is often difficult under the best of circumstances, and it’s not like the situation with Kailyn and Jo has always been smooth sailing -- but right now it’s as good as it’s ever been.

Last season, we saw Vee and Kailyn make an effort to get closer, and Jo and Kailyn made family harmony a priority, spending time together with Vee and Vivi and Isaac and Lincoln. Just last week, everyone celebrated Isaac’s graduation from kindergarten, and even when Isaac said he wanted his dad to be there too -- talking about Javi rather than Jo (who was there) -- Jo took it in stride and told Isaac how proud they all were of him. This week, we saw Jo and Vee easily welcoming Kailyn and Lincoln into their home, and Jo says he’s so happy to help out and have extra time with Isaac when Kailyn is in school. Everyone is getting along great, and even if things with Javi and Kailyn don’t work out, it seems like everyone is committed to putting the kids first.

That’s a far cry from the drama of earlier seasons: Kailyn once moved out of Jo’s parents’ house in anger and there was lots of name-calling; Jo spent time out drinking when he was supposed to be with Isaac. Vee was more of a wedge between Jo and Kailyn rather than an important part of the family unity, and the courts were heavily involved in working out the custody arrangements.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have to keep working at it or that there won’t be setbacks, but we’re excited to see how Jo and Isaac’s relationship develops this season, especially when Javi comes home.

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