The Vamps Admit They're Actually Taylor Swift: Watch

The Brits answer our rapid-fire questions, so listen carefully.

Want to know about the next best thing, but haven't got time to scour the scene?

That's where we come in. Meet the Vamps, a British acoustic-pop-rock boy band that just got off Taylor Swift's Red Tour in the U.K. The foursome found each other on YouTube and threw together their band: James on guitar, Brad on vocals, Tristan on drums, and Connor on bass. Although their hits are pop songs you can sing along to, there's a tinge of folk when the guys blend their harmonies and jam out a bit -- a bit more rockier than other "boy bands."

Watch The Vamps Sing A Song To Pizza.

But they are indeed a boy band. They sold out their New York City concert in 15 minutes, and their live shows host hordes of screaming girls.

While in the U.S., the guys visited MTV News, where they played a few songs and answered some questions about what they're all about.

And for you busy folks out there, we put them through a rapid-fire round of questions -- grilling them on everything from how they started to favorite drummers.

Check out the video to learn everything you need to know about your new favorite band. And keep an eye out for the lads' new single out today, called "Last Night."