'Supernatural': We Finally Learn Who The Darkness REALLY Is

Metatron returns, dropping a major bombshell about the Darkness' history.

On last week's "Supernatural," we were treated to a classic monster-of-the-week episode. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) thought they were going to battle the ghost of alleged axe murderer Lizzie Borden. When it turned out to be a hoax, the brothers weren't sure who or what was murdering people.

After learning it was the evil babysitter Sydney (Tess Atkins), who had her soul sucked out by Amara (Yasmeene Ball), the boys almost died by her hand, until their acquaintance Len (Jared Gertner) stabbed Sydney in the back with a hatchet. Ouch.

The episode concluded with the brothers driving off into the distance, and then Amara appearing out of the bushes, eerily promising, “Bye Dean, I’ll see you soon.”

Check out our five biggest moments from "Our Little World."

Crowley put his foot down

Katie Yu / The CW


The episode opened with two teen girls complaining about their parents. When one left, the other was confronted by Amara, who then sucked out the girl's soul and aged a few years (Samantha Isler). Amara returned home to Crowley (Mark Sheppard), who grounded his "niece" for sneaking out late. When she tried to get away, Crowley overpowered her with his demonic magical powers.

Dean called Castiel, who hadn't left the bunker in a long time, urging the Angel of our Lord to get himself together so he can help the Winchesters. Castiel had flashbacks to when he was on Rowena's (Ruth Connell) spell, and then went back to watching TV, discovering a news story that caught Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) on camera.

Amara, a fan of cat memes

Katie Yu / The CW


The brothers caught a demon in the police station, and learned Crowley and Amara were hiding out together. The demon gave them the skinny on what's been happening, and then Dean killed him. The next day, Sam and Dean decided they needed to kill Amara, although they weren't exactly sure how.

Later, Crowley checked on Amara, who was looking at cat memes on the internet. He told his niece he wasn't "a monster," and provided her a snack, aka an innocent victim. Claiming she wasn't hungry, Crowley sent the victim out. He then confessed he had zero idea what he was doing, raising her. He told Amara how powerful he was and said, "You give me your patience, I'll give you my protection, until you don't need it anymore." Amara agreed.

Castiel vs. Metatron

Katie Yu / The CW


Metatron, who had become human, leaned over a dying man, refusing to help him. If the man were to live, Metatron wouldn't have had a story for the news. Castiel emerged and healed the man, while Metatron filmed the ordeal. Pissed AF, Castiel knocked the camera out of Metatron's hands, and then confronted Metatron for all the crap he pulled in the recent past. Castiel stole Metatron's demon tablet and Metatron hit below the belt, pointing out how much weaker Castiel was, thanks to Rowena's spell.

Meanwhile, Crowley read a self-help book about raising a rebellious teenage daughter. (That's definitely a sentence I never thought I'd write.)

Fighting, fighting everywhere

Katie Yu / The CW


Sam and Dean break into Crowley's hideout and Dean confronted Amara. Before Dean could kill her, Crowley swooped in and attacked Dean. Crowley told Dean he was helping Amara, letting her realize everything she could accomplish. As Crowley was about to kill the elder Winchester, Amara hit him over the head and overpowered him like the boss she was. Amara told Crowley she didn't "need [his] protection" nor his captivity, and was through with him and his BS.

While Amara dealt with Crowley, Sam fought a demon and Castiel battled Metatron. If these guys would use their words just once, then maybe all this violence wouldn't be necessary. But, I digress.

Sam defeated the demon and had another vision. Amara agreed to let Crowley live if Crowley allowed Dean a pass out of the hideout. Crowley complied and got the hell out of there (pun unintended). Afterward, Amara cozied up to Dean, coyly telling him he wouldn't kill her, that he couldn't kill her. She admitted she needed to settle a score, "the oldest score."

Metatron's big reveal

Katie Yu / The CW


Metatron begged Castiel to help him and admitted he couldn't stand another day as a human. "The indignities, they never stop." Preach it, Metatron. Castiel wasn't taking the bait, demanding Metatron to share info about the Darkness. Dropping a major bombshell, Metatron revealed, "In order to create the world, God had to give up the only thing he'd ever known. He had to betray and sacrifice his only kin, the Darkness, his sister." WHAT.

Back at the bunker, Castiel told Sam and Dean he let Metatron go, while the boys admitted Amara got the jump on them and disappeared. Sam suddenly had another vision, this one about someone in the Cage in Hell. Did he tell anyone? Of course not.

Out in the open, Amara proudly walked amongst the masses, free. Yeah, this can't be good.