11 Things Pro Wrestling Taught Me About Dating Good Guys And Bad Guys

More like the legion of swoon... Am I right, ladies?

Good guys and bad guys — we cheer for one and are attracted to the other, but ultimately can't appreciate either without them both. A faithful dude is less impressive without cheaters, and a bad boy is less sexually attractive without squares. They're both instrumental in each other's drama and appeal.

I've dated both types and walked away with complicated feelings and, weirdly enough, a love for professional wrestling. It is a world made of babes and jerks, otherwise known as faces and heels, necessary for our excitement and anguish. All this considered, being a wrestling fan is so similar to being a single woman, it's surprising more of us don't watch it for dating tips. It might be fiction (or kayfabe), but this fantasy world comes with a lot of realistic romantic lessons.

Bad guys have the potential to be good ones


In wrestling, no sides are solidified and a bad boy can turn on his image whenever he wants. The same is true for dating, which is what makes bad guys exciting, engaging and terrifying. They make us feel like we have the potential to tame them, but also the potential to get our heart broken. That is not always healthy, but it can be seductive.

Being a good guy isn't enough


A good guy might be nice, but in wrestling and romance "nice" does not get you very far. For a dude to to succeed — or get over, as they say in the ring — they need to be funny, intelligent, interesting and/or justifiably arrogant on top of being a good person. It's OK to want more than nice -- that doesn't make you mean.

A guy who is never bad gets boring


Some call this "the John Cena rule." It happens when a guy is good for so long, he completely ruins his potential to be bad. In romance, if you're wondering what's destroying your good man's sex appeal, this might be it. Without the suspense of a (manageable) bad side, there's no excitement and only jorts.

Good guys are best served after bad guys

A good dude is like a pallet cleanser after a bad one. He comes off as a hero in contrast, but is really just human being. Enjoy the bad boy break, but try not to put him on a pedestal just for not being a jerk either.

Being a bad guy doesn't necessarily make them a rebel


In the current WWE storyline, heels are all part of The Authority. This makes them more "joiners" than "rebels." In real life there are all kinds of bad boys that are in it for outside approval, and you won't want to give any of them your number. Being bad is only hot when you don't care if it is.

Good guys aren't necessarily doormats


Good guys and bad guys have one thing in common both in dating and wrestling — they showed up to fight for something that they want. A good dude isn't there to be pushed around or pushed aside for another someone edgier, so don't mistake his kindness

for anything but an awesome quality. Some call this "the Daniel Bryan rule."

Good guys aren't always good people


In love and in wrestling goodness can be a genuine, but it can also be an act. Not all good guys are master manipulators, but it's easier to be a master manipulator when you come off as a good guy. Being aware of this possibility doesn't mean you can't trust anyone. It just means they have to earn it.

Whether you're a good girl or bad girl, maintain some mystery

Guys may say they want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, but what they really want someone they can't figure out. Many of us toe the line specifically to tap into our good and bad rules of attraction. You don't want to abuse this power, but it can be fun way to maintain some mystery and power. This confusing contrast is something that looks good on women, men and wrestlers... pretty much everyone.

Sometimes the wrong guy gets the girl


It's not fair, but playing dirty sometimes works out. Triple H proved this when he literally (and ridiculously) stole Stephanie McMahon. In real life relationships you can't steal anyone, but people still play unhanded tricks and win hearts. Be aware of this without fixating on it to the point of paranoia. All you can do is try not to reward crimes of passion if they're actual offenses.

Not all bad boys are sexy

Just like not every sociopath is charming, not every heel is hot. Being a bad guy can be creepy, off-putting and sometimes straight up scary. If you're normally into bad guys but are more terrified than turned on, then trust your instincts and get out of there.

Good, bad or ugly: he must make an impression


In wrestling and in dating, you want the good with the bad but can't define the perfect balance until it's in front of you. Good guys and bad guys are equal opportunity studs, it really just comes down to the feeling they leave us with. Since it takes less than a second to decide if you're attracted to a person, the first impression is everything. A guy has to project a level of confidence that shows us who he is, while getting that message stuck in our heads. Like any WWE superstar, he needs to know how to make an entrance.

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