Daddy Yankee Makes History On 'Corden' With Exhilarating 'Con Calma' Performance

He gave the first ever Spanish-language performance in the history of the show

Daddy Yankee made history last night (March 20) as the first Spanish-language performer on The Late Late Show With James Corden. He set an extremely high standard with his thrilling performance of "Con Calma," his electrifying nightclub anthem that recently topped Billboard’s Latin Airplay Songs chart. Yankee, along with his crew of support dancers with seemingly endless amounts of energy, brought experience to the stage unlike any other.

It becomes immediately clear that, from the opening seconds, Daddy Yankee understands theatrically like few else. His dancers, clad in blinding blue tracksuits, have intense faces as they whisk to and fro in a complex beginning routine, only to flee to the sides as Yankee takes the beautifully lit stage. There are Daddy Yankee masks on the performers' left and right sides, bleeding pink goo out of their virtual sunshades. The pink spills onto the neon-stained stage and covers the floor. From there, the scene changes, with blinding, rapidly flickering colors giving way to more pink. Dancers retake the stage to continue their intricate routine and pack it with harsh faces, purposely stiff movements, then follow them with sexy body rolls before repeating, only slightly different each time.

This makes up the first half of the performance. Daddy Yankee's backup dancers come out in gigantic masks and begin another routine that's equally energetic and makes use of the vibrant stage's constantly changing backdrop. There's blue goo, an exaggerated depiction of Daddy Yankee performing, and those flashing lights in a collective rotation. It simulates the energy of a nightclub perfectly. The music takes us there while the performance itself creates that atmosphere and ambiance.

Daddy Yankee's "Con Calma" isn't the only enormous hit that he's had recently. In 2017, his collaboration with Luis Fonsi, "Despacito," became the second-fastest YouTube video in history to reach a billion views (it took 97 days).

Take a gander at the electrifying performance up above after putting on your dancing shoes.

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