Ghostface Killah Explains "La Ghost" Track

While the whole of the Wu-Tang Clan has started work on a new album, Wu's Ghostface Killah continues to hold his own with a new single and video from his current solo album, "Supreme Clientele.

Ghostface may have a hit on his hands with "Cherchez La Ghost," a new track that samples the 70s dancefloor hit "Cherchez La Femme," by the classic New York disco group Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band.

The track also features Ghost's fellow Wu-Tang MC U-God and, as he told MTV News, it all came about quite by accident.

[article id="1444647"]"How I came across that track, it was one of the engineers in the studio named Carlos, he got his wife, they were making an album with his wife,"[/article] Ghostface explained of the origins of "Cherchez La Ghost.

[article id="1444647"]"So when he played this joint, when he played it for me, I said 'Yo, let me get on that. I want that. Matter of fact, let me get that for my album.'

That song was probably like the second to last song that I did. So I just put U-God on there because he wasn't on my album [already]. And I told him, 'Yo, its gonna be a hit, man.'" [RealVideo][/article]

Meanwhile, the Wu-Tang Clan is back in a Los Angeles recording studio this week, starting work on the follow-up to the group's 1997 double CD, "Wu-Tang Forever." Ghost told MTV News that the group already has several songs in the can, including new material from Ol' Dirty Bastard, who is currently in a California prison undergoing psychological evaluation (see [article id="1429386"]"Ol' Dirty Ordered To Prison For Evaluation"[/article]).

For a full-length interview with Ghostface Killah, check out the MTV News Online feature "Ghostface Killah: Soul Supreme."

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