Beyoncé Goes From Pregnant Human To God During Grammys Performance

BOW DOWN (at the altar) BITCHES

She was pretty much a deity to begin with, but that Beyoncé performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards officially upgraded her status from superlative to sacred.

After a touching intro from mama Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé invoked images from her recent stunning pregnancy announcement by easing into her performance with a video featuring the mama-to-be floating in a sea of silk (and with Blue Ivy gracefully padding around underfoot). She then leapt off the screen and onto the stage wearing a golden halo any goddess would covet — seriously, she gives the Virgin Mary, Lakshmi, Venus, and all of 'em a run for their money here. Bey proceeded to give viewers at home a panic attack by working a table straight out of da Vinci's The Last Supper like a runway and nailing some risky choreography involving precarious chair moves in the process.

"Sandcastles" and "Love Drought" — both from Lemonade, which netted her more nominations than any other artist at this year's ceremony — made for a perfect, intimate pairing for the show. Beyoncé also worked Warsan Shire's gorgeous poetry, featured prominently in Lemonade, into her Grammy spotlight.

This is the second time Beyoncé's pregnant belly has received center-stage treatment at an awards ceremony: Blue Ivy made her debut, technically, at the 2011 VMAs. Looks like the Carter twins are keeping up with their big sis in that department, and we're lucky to witness this heavenly development in action.

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