Drake's 'Find Your Love' Video Criticized By Jamaica's Tourism Minister

Official says of violent video, 'Gun culture is not enhancing [the island's image].'

Jamaica's minister of tourism has taken issue with [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist]'s [article id="1638858"]"Find Your Love" video[/article], which features the singer/rapper getting kidnapped by local thugs.

According to Jamaica's Gleaner, Edmund Bartlett said Drake and others who portray the island should be mindful of how they characterize their culture, which has had a history of violence predicated around drugs and poverty.

"We just have to say that care has to be taken by all, including our creative artists, in portraying images of our destination and people," Bartlett explained.

"Gun culture, while not unique to Jamaica, is not enhancing [the island's image]," he added.

In the video, which was filmed in Kingston, Drake pursues a would-be love who is already attached to [article id="1638934"]dancehall artist Mavado,[/article] who plays a crime lord by the name of "Puffy."

The clip, [article id="1638919"]directed by Anthony Mandler[/article], features the Toronto MC pursuing his romantic interest only to be confronted by Mavado and his "dogs," or fellow gang members.

Throughout the video, images of guns, drugs and torches splash across the screen, leading up to the final scene, in which the object of Drake's desire is ordered to kill him by Puffy.

Mavado's manager defended the video, saying it was a scripted, creative narrative and that if his client, a native of Kingston, didn't participate, another actor would have jumped at the opportunity.

Besides, he emphasized, the concept was rooted in issues that ring true to Jamaica; if a film crew sees if fit to portray that, they should be free to move forward.

"The concept that they came up with, where did they come up with that? If Mavado did not do it, another Jamaican actor would have done it," Julian Jones-Griffith said. "There are a broad range of issues which need addressing if people from California want to portray a love story like this."

At press time, Drake, Mavado and Bartlett had not granted MTV News' requests for comment.

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