Here's How Groot Helped A Young 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Fan Learn To Speak

We are Groot.

It's been over a year since we last saw our favorite group of extraterrestrial misfits kick serious butt in "Guardians of the Galaxy," but the film's emotional impact can still be felt among fans.

"Guardians" Writer-director James Gunn shared a heartwarming story written to him on Facebook from a fan and father, who explained how the lovable character Groot helped him to better communicate with his 4-year-old son.

When the boy was diagnosed with dyspraxia, a disorder that affected his motor skills and speech, he could only say a three words, making communication difficult. But, when he saw "Guardians of the Galaxy" for the first time, and saw the way Groot communicated, he began to mimic our favorite plant monster.

He started to use the word "bah" in other tones to convey different meanings. He also began to say "Groot" to communicate. "Since that, he was finally able to go to a speech class and it has helped amazingly," the father wrote.

"I just wanted to thank you though," he added, "For a script and movie that was written so well that a four year old, three at that time, could connect with someone who had the same language barrier."


dancing baby groot guardians

"I love making movies because of stories like this," Gunn responded. "Thank you."

After being flooded with hundreds of overwhelmingly positive comments, Gunn called the film's impact on fans and their responses "truly wonderful."

We. Are. Groot.

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