Eva Green's '300' Spinoff Character Based On Historical Figure

If you're a sucker for flashy event films loosely based on Greek history/mythology like I am, you are hopefully still excited about the upcoming "300" prequel/spinoff-type movie, "300: Battle of Artemisia." Sure there have been changes in cast and directors and whatnot, but original Xerxes is involved (Rodrigo Santoro) and the titular character Artemisia will be owned by scene-stealer Eva Green. What's not to like?

MTV News recently caught up with Green where we asked her for a little intel about the character who, we came to find out, is based on a woman - not a goddess - who actually lived, and kicked ass.

"Oh yeah, I’m playing Artemisia. She really existed actually," Green revealed during the press day for her upcoming film "Dark Shadows." "She was commander on a boat, of a whole Armada."

"She’s a very ballsy character, she’s almost like a man, so that’s fun," Green said with a laugh. "It’s my first action film, it’s going to be a challenge, [there will be] lots of training."

A quick bit of Internet research tells us that Artemisia was indeed ballsy and just plain badass. The Persian Queen, who came to power and ruled over Ionia after her husband's death, played a key component in the Battle of Salamis (which has apparently been renamed the "Battle of Artemisia" for the film's purposes) in that she advised Xerxes to launch a land-sea offensive against the Greeks. Although Xerxes made the ill-advised decision to go against her suggestions, he listened to her when she suggested the fleet's retreat after their defeat at Salamis.

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