Shattered Bones And Busted Breast Implants: The Gnarliest 'Challenge' Injuries Ever

Consider this proof that the show takes no prisoners.

Will and resolve are crucial facets to a "Challenge" champ, but the bottom line is this -- if your body doesn't hold up, you don't stand a chance.

On Tuesday night's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, Knight and Jemmye put up a solid showing in The Dome but were ultimately axed by rookie super duo Adam and Brittany. And in a post-show "EX-iled" bonus clip, we got a better understanding of why the "Real World: New Orleans" couple may have fallen short: In the heat of battle, Knight aggravated his chronically injured shoulder and, as the elimination game boiled down to the upper-arm Olympics, he lost any edge he had. And when he took a trip to the hospital to get it checked out, we were reminded of how frequently the show's war wounds have been dealt over the years.

Take a look at 10 memorable scrapes, scratches and gashes below, and tune in for a brand-new "Challenge" episode tomorrow night at 11/10c!

Nia, "Free Agents"

The newbie got one hell of a "Challenge" initiation when she was forced to go head-to-head against war machine Cara Maria, whose efforts left Nia's right arm totally numb.

Timmy, "Inferno 3"


The challenge's nicest nice guy appeared to have won an incredibly heated elimination round in South Africa, but he was ultimately DQed for a misstep and, to add insult to injury (or injury to injury...) Timmy's knee -- which he'd crushed against broken glass -- was destroyed, and likened to ground beef.

Coral and Evan, "Fresh Meat"

Upon winning five of the game's first six missions, Coral and Evan appeared to have "Fresh Meat" in the palm of their hands -- that is, until "Human Ox Pull," when the team fought so intensely that Coral dislocated her knee cap and Evan was left with a hernia.

Tonya, "The Gauntlet"


A mission called "Mud Bath" certainly sounds fun in theory, but when Tonya fought to stay in the "Gauntlet" game, she wound up making a jigsaw puzzle out of her skeletal system, and her thigh-to-ankle sling was serious stuff.

Aneesa, "Inferno 3"


Once you see Aneesa's softball-sized knee bump, you can't unsee it, and though the vet was permitted to stay in the game in spite of the swelling, it did ultimately lead to her undoing.

Chet, "Cutthroat"

Chet was hardly hanging 10 in the game's "Surf's Up" mission, during which he took a nasty fall that left him concussed and ultimately got him sent home from Turkey.

Chet, "Free Agents"

The poor guy just can't catch a break. While battling Frank, who was sentenced to duel with him after pulling the game's Kill Card, Chet wound up with a busted-open chin, and he chose to leave to get stitches rather than stay and risk further injury.

Cara Maria, "Free Agents"

Cara Maria moved mountains while a competitor on "Free Agents," but the "Balls In" elimination left her with a broken hand. And even though she continued to press forward and fight through the pain, Laurel later sent her packing.

Katelynn, "Fresh Meat 2"

Climbing walls is terrifying enough, but make 'em slick and you're just asking for disaster. Katelynn desperately wanted to prove her competitive spirit to her fellow cast members, but "King of the Wall" just made her look like a court jester, and she was eventually outfitted with crutches for her intense injury.

Shauvon, "The Ruins"

Words cannot do the legendary "Challenge" moment justice. Watch it go down.

Dustin, "Battle of the Exes"

Sometimes, the real pain manifests off of the battlefield, and when a water-logged Dustin tried to quickly skip up the stairs, he fell and smashed his knee. Since the doctor said it would take a week or longer to heal, Dustin was eventually sent home.

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