Ciara Addresses Controversy Over 'Ride' Video

R&B star says BET banned 'Ride,' but network disagrees.

[artist id="1801883"]Ciara[/artist]'s "Ride" video is on the sexy side, but the singer says she didn't expect the controversy it has caused. While Ciara said that BET banned her saucy, [article id="1639571"]Ludacris-featuring clip[/article], which premiered in April, the network maintains that it did not ban the video; instead they asked the singer to edit the original clip and did not get a response.

"My intention is always to do something as good as I can do it, to give my best effort and I always hope that it comes out the way that I envision it. You never necessarily think, 'Oh, this is gonna get banned,' " Ciara told MTV News earlier this month. "In my past experiences with BET, in particular, they have asked me maybe to take out a few things so normally you expect that -- not necessarily banned. That was the first time for me and that was definitely something that was unexpected."

However, a rep for BET said that's not the case. "BET never banned Ciara's video," BET publicist Marcy Polanco told MTV News in an e-mail. "It went through the normal process where we gave edits and we never received a response."

When contacted by MTV News, reps for Ciara had no comment on the matter at press time.

The clip highlights Cici's signature hip-swiveling moves, midriff-baring tops and tight pants. The ATL songstress also straddles a mechanical bull in a sopping wet white T-shirt and vamps it up in a black cut-out swimsuit draped in a chunky fur.

In a video interview with in May, Ciara said that she was open to editing the video for air on BET. "I'm definitely more than willing to make an edit to make it suitable for whatever it is that would be more comfortable to the network," the singer told the website. "I am definitely aware that my video has some very sensual moments in it. However, I do know that they do play sensual videos as well."

Of course, Ciara's "Ride" video is available on the Internet for anyone who wants to see it.

"It's been a real great blessing with the new technology and Internet and all the support I've been getting," said Ciara. "It's been working itself out. My fans are still able to see the video."

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