E-40, Too $hort Working On Joint Album

Rappers negotiating deal with Jive for tentatively titled The History Channel.

If there's one thing the self-proclaimed hip-hop version of Charlie Hustle and rap's biggest pimp know how to do, it's make paper. So count on E-40 and Too $hort to succeed in getting the loot they want from Jive to make their first album together.

"We're folks," E-40 explained. "We're two triple OGs, we're both well-respected, we started independent [labels] and we get along, ya smell me? We're like family. We worked together so many years, why not do an album together? Let's come together like wax to a eardrum."

The two, who have made several appearances on each other's albums, will show their combined game-spitting on the LP, tentatively called The History Channel. ("Hopefully we don't have no trademark issues," E-40 said.)

"It's in motion. [We record] here and there, whenever he's in the Bay or I'm out there in Atlanta," 40 said. "We ain't never been full-fledge on it. We're at the yellow light — we ain't all the way at the green light with Jive yet. We're gonna go crazy [when the deal is done]. We got about 10 songs just bullsh--ting, but they hard though. All of them might not make it, but at the end of the day we want to get 14 tight ones."

Coming up with those mean 14 isn't going to be difficult at all, according to 40, who has also put out music as part of the Click collective. Writing songs via committee is less of a strain, he said.

"When you're together, all you gotta do is three eight-measure verses apiece or a 16, a 16 and an eight. We spread it out. You ain't using your brain all the way, and two heads is better than one. He's the pimp, I'm the hustler. Sometimes I might go into pimp mode, he might go into hustle mode, so it varies."

Producers Rick Rock and DJ Fingaz have already provided beats, and E-40 and Too $hort have secured DJ Quik for a pair of upcoming tracks, one of which they hope will be hot enough to become a single.

40 said that before people will be able to tune in to The History Channel, his indie label, Sic Wid It, will put out an album by the group the Mossie this summer and a Too $hort solo album around September.