Do Crystals Have Healing Power? Get The Facts On Spencer's Hobby

We're only two episodes into the final season of "The Hills," and there's already a heaping smorgasbord of change for us to swallow. Spencer's newfound interest in crystal therapy is evident, but after watching tonight's show, we felt like we needed a better explanation of how his new hobby works (other than that "being vibrationally tuned in" business). So to avoid pegging him as some lost boy who slangs rock, we turned to expert Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac, for answers. Pacholyk has been in the alternative health industry for more than 15 years and helped us dissect some of the more prominent moments Spencer and his crystals shared. Shall we begin?

Why Is Spencer Carrying Crystals?

This ancient healing remedy is believed to affect both the mental and emotional state of believers. "The large rock he's holding is a quartz crystal. It's the most abundant healing crystal on earth. It's the 'Master Healer' and the stone of power," Pacholyk explains. "It can draw and send energy and is effective for sending and receiving guidance." Around his neck and ring you'll spot citrine, amazonite, tigereye and jade.

And in the Pouch?

In the scene where Spencer goes to visit Charlie, there's a pouch hanging off of his waistband, presumably filled with crystals inside. Pacholyk says that carrying crystals in a pouch is one of the oldest remedies around. "Usually a prescription of two-four crystals are carried or worn and can be used for anything from psychic awareness to healing an emotional wound -- or bringing about love, money or protection." Wonder who Spencer is protecting himself from?

Key to Atlantis? Like, in the Bahamas?

Many proponents of crystal therapy believe that it originated in the mythical place of Atlantis. It may be a bit of a stretch, but we suspect that when he explains it to Brody, Spencer's referencing a return to the motherland in Greece.

What's The Significance Of Resting The Quartz On His Forehead?

Tonight Charlie told Spence that he was hyperventilating and needed to take all of the stones off. He freaked out, and then rested it against his head, but why? By "laying of the stones" on chakra points, or energy areas, it's believed that you can relieve the afflicted area and regain balance. It's also the location of "The Third Eye," which many followers say is the pathway to wisdom.

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