Watch Chris Pratt Rip A Big One In This 'Parks And Rec' Gag Reel

Putting the 'gag' in gag reel.

You know how when you see someone else yawning, you almost always feel the urge to let loose with a yawn of your own? Man, we're sleepy just reading that sentence. Well, apparently the cast of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" is just like that, except with farting.

A short gag reel for the show's sixth season was released on Facebook, and while there are a bunch of awesome moments (Ron Swanson dancing! Leslie knocking Ben over with the force of her high five!), probably the greatest thing that will happen to you this week is the one-two punch of Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman's "call and response fart" while Aziz Ansari tries to deliver his lines. Talk about high concept humor all you want, but we'll take a fart joke any day.

Comedy gold.

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