Which Hemsworth Brother Won Instagram In 2015?

Which kangaroo-loving, Foster's-drinking brother reigned supreme?

A lot of amazing things happened in Hollywood in 2015: Jennifer Lawrence's wage gap essay; Viola Davis' Emmy speech; shows like "Orange is the New Black" and "Transparent" pushing LGBTQ representation forward into the 21st century.

All of these things were worthy of our attention and praise, but what about when Chris and Liam Hemsworth joined Instagram mere weeks apart... What about THAT???

With that in mind, it's time for you to decide once and for all which Hemsworth brother "won" Instagram in 2015, by voting on which Aussie heartthrob snapped it best. Check out some of their suspiciously similarly themed photos yourself, and then vote for the true winner, once you've examined the evidence:

Which Hemsworth has a better pic with local wildlife?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram


To be honest, the kangaroo staring direct-to-camera has this Instagram thing down better than either Hemsworth brother.

Which Hemsworth has a better pic with the fam?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram


Liam's smile says he knows he won this round. Just look at it. Smug bastard.

Which Hemsworth better defaced the other's merchandise?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram


Casual vandalism, no big deal.

Which Hemsworth looks better with Kelly Ripa?



To be fair, she looks happier with Chris. With Liam, she's giving us full-on "I'm secretly wishing for a swift death" realness.

Which Hemsworth has a better snap with Chris' adorable children?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram


Which of these is not abuse -- bringing your child on a moving treadmill, or leaving your child to the care of a dog?

Which Hemsworth has more swag next to a private plane?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram


Or, more accurately, who is cooler to pose with -- Tom Holland, or Josh Hutcherson and JLaw?

Which Hemsworth gives you more travel FOMO?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram


Would you rather ride a kangaroo and roast shrimp on the barbie with Chris in Sydney, or nosh on Schnitzel and chug German beer with Liam in Berlin? Hm, THAT'S A TOUGH ONE.

Which Hemsworth better stared into the infinite abyss, only for the abyss to stare right back, and its gaze was beautiful and terrifying?

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram;Liam Hemsworth/Instagram



Who won your vote? Be sure to check back to see who other fans picked as the reigning Hemsworth, and also be sure to heckle the "loser" on Instagram! (Just kidding. Never, ever do that.)