Lil' Cease Says Reunion With Lil' Kim, Junior M.A.F.I.A. 'Needs To Happen'

'I know Big would want us all eating together in one room,' Cease tells MTV News.

One of music's all-time great lyrical masters, Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace would have been 38 years old on Friday (May 21) had he lived. [article id="1639731"]Biggie has been gone 13 years[/article], but everyone who loved him still celebrates his memory. Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Lil' Cease told MTV News that he wants to make Biggie look down smiling by setting up a major reconciliation.

"If I could give Big a gift for his 38th birthday, it would be to bring the family together," Cease said.

"Just to see all the people he had around him in one room together: Me, Kim, D-Roc, Gutter, the whole M.A.F.I.A. Those people, it wasn't business with us -- it was friends. I didn't write rhymes. I'm sure [Biggie] didn't put me in the group because I had talent. He said, 'I wanna make sure you good for the rest of your life. I'mma build you your own lane. You take it from there.' He did that for me and nine other people in the group.

"He also did that for the people that surrounded us, the friends like [Lance] 'Un' Rivera. A lot of us are here because of what Biggie built. At the end of the day, no matter what [gripes M.A.F.I.A. members may have], if everybody say they love Big like they say they would love him, I know [a reunion] is something he would want. I know something that's [probably] bothering him is that everybody is separated."

The Junior M.A.F.I.A. imploded a little more than five years ago, when Lil' Cease and M.A.F.I.A. member Banger were forced to testify in [article id="1498345"]Lil' Kim's infamous perjury case[/article]. In the aftermath, Kim publicly disassociated herself from her onetime close friends. There have been dis records, lawsuits and obviously the [article id="1505927"]Queen Bee's nearly 10-month incarceration[/article].

Still, Cease says he wants to continue to try and come back together.

"We're working on it," the Brooklyn-born Cease continued. "That's something I would definitely want to do. I tried it for a year. Especially for Kim -- I reached out for years. Everybody else is kinda in sync: I speak to Roc, Nino, D, [Money] L, everybody else is still kinda connected. The only one I wasn't connected [with] was Kim.

"I been swallowed my pride. Because as a family, when you know somebody for so long, you go through things. I didn't think our situation would go this long and this far. As you get older, you start to appreciate that family value. It's hard to try and do that in this day and age, when you this age. It takes a lot to build that kind of loyalty and trust. As days went by, I thought, 'This is something Big would want.' I hear it every day. I'm in the neighborhood and I'm outside. When they see Kim, they think of Big. When they see me, they think of Big. When they see D-Roc, they think of Big, and we're all separated. I know Big would want us all eating together in one room. I'mma do my best to make that happen."

Cease-A-Leo insisted that despite his long estrangement from Kim, he still has love for her and is optimistic that they can at least talk to start the healing process.

"We're still talking to the same people," he explained. "I guess people are starting to come around now and they are trying to make it happen. I speak to some of her close friends that I'm still close friends with and we working on it. It's about that time," he added about mending the divide between him and Kim.

"It's something that needs to happen. I don't want no drama, especially with somebody I came up with. These are the things I think about."

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