Tyler, The Creator Hates Rap, But Loves Jennifer Lawrence

The Odd Future member opens up about love and wanting to sing.

Tyler, the Creator kicked his feet up on "Larry King Now" on Wednesday, and he had plenty to say. The Odd Future member discussed music, aspirations outside of rap, fame, criticism, influences, "Loiter Squad" and plenty more with the veteran host during their interview.

Oh, and he confessed his love for Jennifer Lawrence. Obviously.

There were a number of memorable moments, but here are some of the most standout quotes from the half hour sit-down:

On his love life:

"I love Jennifer Lawrence. If you're watching this, leave the n---a you with!"

On music:

"I hate rapping."

"I really wanna sing."

"I'm pretty bored with it."

On social medial like Twitter and Snapchat:

"It's making kids so stupid."

On the n-word:

"You could call me a n---a and I would not give a f--k."

On Barack Obama:

"I could give a f--k less about his skin color."

And, finally...Larry, to Tyler, at the end of the interview:

"Love ya, man."

And there you have it.

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