Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid: The Next ‘It’ Couple?

The two are reportedly dating... which wouldn't be that surprising.

Prepare your ‘ships: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, a.k.a. two of Hollywood’s most sought-after young singles, may be dating, according to a new report from Us Weekly.

Before you invest too heavily in this news and get to work crafting their couple name (Zaygi is probably a safe bet, though), keep in mind that neither Malik nor Hadid has commented on their relationship status. But it’s hard to argue with photographic evidence, and the two were spotted in the same car on Sunday night (Nov. 22), following an AMAs afterparty at Los Angeles’ The Nice Guy.

An unnamed source told Us Weekly, “It’s a very new thing. They’re just seeing where it goes.” The source added that Malik and Hadid are not “boyfriend and girlfriend” but they’re “definitely” seeing each other.

Whether they’re just friends or something more, news of their hangout doesn’t come as a totally random surprise. After all, the Victoria’s Secret model and the One Direction-member-turned-smoldering-solo-artist have overlapping social circles. Malik’s former bandmate Harry Styles dated Hadid’s friend Taylor Swift once upon a time; both of them attended Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party in August; and in a somewhat awkward connection, Malik knows Hadid’s ex Joe Jonas — remember their Paris Fashion Week hangout?

Hadid dated Jonas for six months, but they broke up in November due to “heavy work schedules.” Before that, she had an on-again, off-again relationship with singer Cody Simpson for two years (maybe she has a thing for musicians?). Malik, meanwhile, broke off his engagement to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards in August after four years together.

News of Malik and Hadid’s rumored fling also comes after Hadid had a bit of an awkward encounter with Styles on the AMAs red carpet on Sunday night. One Direction were being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic when Hadid, standing mere feet away, joined the group. Rancic asked if they’d met each other and the model awkwardly shook hands with Styles before warmly hugging the rest of his bandmates. Styles was also caught rolling his eyes as he moved away from her, though to be fair, it’s not clear what he was so unamused by.

So… are Malik and Hadid in the early stages of becoming 2016’s “It” couple? Only time will tell, but for now, we’ll have fun imagining all the new songs he’d write for her and all the sizzling couple pics they’d bless our Instagram feeds with. Ahh, the possibilities.