Should We Be Worried About Ariana Grande's Cat Ear Addiction?

We asked the experts -- because this is important, guys.

When it comes to being obsessive about felines, I'm not really one to point fingers. Still, I have to say... Ariana Grande wears a TON of cat ears -- like, we have 21 photos of her sporting them to date...

I mean, she even wore them in that super-serious video for "Love Me Harder." That's dedication to a trend.

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As Ari acquires more kitty-themed accoutrements, I had to stop and wonder: Is this normal? Is this fixation on felines healthy? Should Ariana, perhaps, appear on an episode of "My Strange Addiction"?

To help me suss out the answer, I hit up a ton of experts and asked them, point-blank, what they think of Grande's cat scratch fever.

The Celebrity Stylist: Rose Garcia

"I feel like for Ariana Grande, wearing cat ears may be a little bit of a crutch. Maybe she’s trying to hold onto a little bit of her Nickelodeon background or something. She hasn’t really had that breakout moment of being a full adult, and some people have made jokes about her age. It’s one of those things where I feel like she, herself, wants to have a little bit of that innocence and that kind of young look to her, but I do feel that she should probably move away from it.

"As you start to become more of a woman, you need to re-invent. I would suggest replacing the cat ears with something like a wide headband or nothing at all. Sexy hair, like a go-go dancer."

The Top Publicist: Risa Heller

"I think that part of being a famous person is staying relevant and making sure that people are talking about you -- and she’s doing exactly that. Any artist should make sure they are appealing to their fans, so this is probably an outgrowth of that."

The Fashion Psychologist: Dawnn Karen

"These cat ears and bunny ears have been out as far as a fashion trend for quite some time now, and several designers have made them popular as well. So I think, as a fashion psychologist, I would say, based off the research that I’ve done, it denotes this innocence.

"She’s a celebrity, so I’m assuming if the everyday person wears this, they would get a lot of stares. I believe for her, it's innocence, playfulness, and also an unconscious or hidden sex appeal."

The Verdict

You do you, Ariana. You do you.