'Fault In Our Stars': See What Shailene Woodley Had To Say On Our Set Visit

Woodley: 'It's a cancer movie that's not about cancer.'

Reporting by Josh Horowitz

As popular as "The Fault In Our Stars" is, one must admit that a love story starring two cancer-ridden teens doesn't sound like the cheeriest of films. The ever-chipper Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who star in the movie as Hazel Grace and Gus, a star-crossed and cancer-diagnosed duo, recognize that.

On a visit to the film's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, set earlier this year, Woodley told MTV News' Josh Horowitz that she had a strategy for pitching the movie to audiences.

"I say it's a cancer movie that's not about cancer," Woodley noted. "It's a love story about two kids with cancer but it's not about cancer."

To find out how Woodley and Elgort feel about making John Green, the author of the young adult novel the movie's script was adapted from, cry, and to hear about the stolen kisses the pair have shared, check out the clip above.

"The Fault In Our Stars" opens in theaters on June 6.