28 Times Taylor Swift's Cats Were The Real Stars Of Instagram

Tay's cat squad > pretty much everything else.

Taylor Swift has finally reached the 50 million follower mark on Instagram, solidifying her status as the untouchable queen of the social media site -- sorry, Kim Kardashian.

But she's got a pair of not-so-secret weapons in her arsenal of awesome that help ensure her continued status as the top star of the site, meow and forever: her ridiculously adorable cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

See, whereas others post cute throwbacks, behind-the-scenes vacay pics and immaculate selfies to stir up the crowd, Tay knows it's her four-legged furbabies that really get the internet's feelspots going.

And Tay acknowledged that she owes this major milestone to the double kitty power she's got on tap by writing, "50 million followers!! Thanks so much guys. I'm pretty sure this is just because I have cute cats though. ?"

While Taylor's no social media slouch herself, this achievement probably does belong to the girls, judging by these particular moments of pawesome.

That time Meredith Grey was *not* feeling the gym.

And when Olivia went claws-out and destroyed some lithographs because she could.

And then she passed out on a plane.

And gave the whole morning a big "NOPE."

When Livy watched "Meerkat Manor" on marathon and got REALLY confused.

And when Meredith won the staring contest by default 'cause no one would dare challenge her.

That moment when Olivia Benson started rethinking the whole fame thing.

Then she just completely forgot how to cat.

(Meredith did too.)

When this simple game of cat catch became legendary status in slo-mo.

There was also that time Meredith was a purrfect patriot by cheering on Team USA.

Liv helped sleeping reach new levels of adorable.

That day when Meredith was just in a mood and didn't even understand why.

When Olivia Benson met her namesake and was only moderately impressed.

The moment when Meredith insisted she had to test every bed at every stop.

When Taylor's brother poked OB's nose and she was all "WTF just happened."

When Meredith gave her a mommy a booboo and didn't give two meows about it.

When they combined forces with head nuzzles and smooches, and almost broke the internet with adorable cat vibes.

When opposable thumbs officially made it onto their wishlist.

The day when gravity got in the way of all productivity.

When Mer and Taylor were basically doppelgangers.

When O proposed a new cat emoji face design and won all the prizes for cuteness.

When Mer tried her paws at the whole selfie thing.

When Olivia got lost... in Tay's phone, apparently.

When Ed Sheeran got in Meredith Grey's face and she didn't back down one bit.

There was also that time she picked out her favorite pair of shoes.

When we first met Olivia Benson in all her blue-eyed glory.

And then we knew it was meant to be because she posed like a STAR from the beginning.

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